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Updates and good news!

So you said I should tell you when I knew more and I know more! And it's good news! *happy dance*

OK so I found out this wensday night(23:00-ish) after I got off work that everyone is OK. Everyone in my family and my best friend all ok and none of their houses collapsed, they have food and water and my grandma' has electricity and a neightbor who brings her homecooked meals everyday although she has food (the whole being 83years old plays to her favour here) Anyways they are all ok, a little scared because of the vandalism and the replicas of the earthquake that come all the time (they had a 6,3today again) but they are ok so I'm happy. I'm tired as hell now because I just worked 9hours straight on my feet :( But I tell myself Think of Crucio everytime I think of quitting; like yesterday when I had my  first fight in 6 years with my best friend because I stood her up on our lunch date because the bastards wouldn't let me take my break *shakes fists* *thinks of Crucio [and those shoes I saw yesterday] and calms down*

Me sleep now! bye darlings! (yes I'm bad and have no LJ-Cut, sorry can't deal with html right now D: )

Of earthquakes in my hometown...

Right, freaking out, have been all day since that massive earthquake in Chile? the one that was an 8,8 on the richter scale? Riiight, right next to my home town where all my childhood friends and my family lives in. And it's collapsed. And no phones nor internet works yet so we're blind as to if anyone we know is injured or dead. Damn damn damn.

Sorry for always bringing you depressing news, can't quite help it though!


Feb. 25th, 2010

Today (although it's horribly late because I was distracted by school and then porn... lots of porn) is my darling Katelin's birthday!! Which is one of the most important days in the whole year! so we should all celebrate together. *sings happy birthday off key and runs around throwing confetti!* And seeing as my employers are apparently slavedrivers I can't buy you porn this year! *sobs*

But I bring you 13 blonds in states of undress(actually I think all of them are completely naked) A few Harry suggestions and a few girly ones under a cut because I got carried away o_O. Enjoy:

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 Hello and welcome to my pity party! I have some awesome party hats for ya, put them on or die a horrible death... your choice.

I was run over by a car, so I hurt... Like a lot. It's my own fault and the snow's not at all the driver's who is a very nice guy who called me up afterwards to check is I was alright even though I wrecked his car leaving a big Carla-shaped dent on the front of his car. Long story short I flew across the road and landed several meters away and still managed to not break a single bone, just hurt my right leg (from landing, not where the car hit me because it hit me from the left, my ribs and sore left breast attest to that) Anyways I'm fine, probably will be able to walk again by Tuesday but now that I'm sure that I'm ok I felt the need to tell you guys :P Luckily I had the same luck that I have always been blessed with and managed to avoid anything too bothersome. Also I felt loved by my mother screaming very dramatic and movie like in my ear while holding me in the middle of the road. Took her a while to get that I was fine and asking her to please not squish my leg TVM.

Sooooo, because I'm bed bound and bored but not in the mood to tell you about how all doctors in the emergency room in my city are disgustingly hot and just how/why I managed to die of embarrassment, I give you a banner for a game: 

PS: Sorry for the lack of LJ-cut and yes, ofcourse I chose the girly one.

Whilst spamming...

Taken from everyone because all the cool kids are doing it.

Pick one word from each pair that you think describes me the best and comment with your choices. Then copy this and post it in your own journal to see how your friends view you. If you feel like it

* dominant or submissive
* logical or intuitive
* social or loner
* kinky or vanilla
* cute or sophisticated
* kitten or puppy
* warm flannel sheets or sleek satin
* leader or follower
* quiet or talkative
* spontaneous or planned
* teddy bear or porcelain doll
* hiking or window shopping
* tequila or vodka
* top or bottom
* bare foot or shoes
* jeans or slacks
* tender or rough
* aware or dreamy
* nerd or jock
* brains or brawn
* common sense or book smarts

Jan. 14th, 2010

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Statistics page creeps me out.

It's all bryoneybrynn  's fault that I checked. And now I realise that you indeed were here! I saw it! And you were here because you saw that I checked out your page!

Some of you I know, some of you are invisible which is of course due to superpowers and not because of any settings, some of you I don't which is surprising because I have nothing to lure lurkers in with! You're all welcome either way of course,  I'm just saying :P.

Yes graylor  I did go through your journal and read a ton of your fics, they were great; so much so that when I accidentally read  a third WIP and was dying of curiosity to know what would happen next I literally head-desked. Which wasn't very clever because desks are hard D: . Oh and I'm a horrible lurker, feel free to hit me.

Also I didn't get in the school I wanted to go to this spring! D: I'm apparently too young(so lower priority) and too many people wanted in. I only found out because I called for the fourth time, classes are about to start and the bastards couldn't tell me sooner? This way I'm pretty screwed about applying somewhere else. Well I'll see what I can do but seriously, not cool.

PS: It's -27 ºC = -16.6 ºF  degrees out here. And I live in the middle of the country, not way up north. Luckily by law they have to keep my appartment at 20 ºC = 68 ºF or more so inside it's safe.

So, hello!

It's been many months now hasn't it? Well, I have no excuse for that except that life is kinda shitty, in general I think, I'm not sure of anything lately. So anyways I have no adequate excuse to why I have been neglecting LJ so much and not commenting on your fics and entries although I do force myself to always find the time (even if it means not sleeping) and read them because somehow in my head it makes me a good friend to read about your problems and successes and share my opinion about them in my head but sharing those inspired thoughts was a tad too much to ask. I have 'post-button'-phobia I think.

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I am evil and oversawfaithwood 's apology and HUGE birthday present! *irons hands*

You should all go drool over my apology here :D
And I forgot to post a link to the other hot-boy pics I got from alaana_fair  since I'd asummed you'd seen them but this proves nothing is certain so here you are! (You have to be on the Infamous Draco Malfoy Filter to see them)

PS: Needless to say both are very NWS right?


This is just so you'll recognise me because I have during this nearly 1½ years on LJ I have pretty much stuck to one icon and you might recognise me as it by now!

But the amazingly awesome lotus_lizzybought me a paid acc (Squee!) for my birthday so I thought I'd make the most of it! ^^

I'll mostly be using a lot of Never Ending Story icons because that's just the most epic film ever for me. And it's kinda a movie about bookworms wining at life so really, what is there not to love?

Sorry for the spam! Love ya!


PS: I haven't thanked you for your birthday wishes have I? *facepalm*

Thank you to dirty_darella, tmkline(and for a picture of a cake!) for the birthday wishes and fic/art offers I love you and err hopefully I'll remember to write one or two of my ideas down of of this days... :P They just come and go all the time! Katelin should remember some, we thought of at least 3-4 fic ideas within that week but they ran off on me :(. *has horrendous memory on such things*

Thank you to roedhuntand nursedarryfor their birthday wishes *huggles* and hmm Bree? Bree!! Did you wish me happy birthday? *stares* well did you? o_O?

Thank you to alaana_fairfor the hot boy pics!! :D **EDIT** A big thank you to faithwood  for the hot boy pics she gave me!

And finally thank you to lordesfor the RL cake it was very good, I'll maybe post a picture of it someday ;D Oh and you know, housing me for a week! xD