Non-Rusian new friends?

So people keep adding me here.... but why? (No offence new friends! *waves*) I/this journal was never ever very interesting even when I was actually here and now it's just dead X_X...

Nontheless, to please you I present to you pictures of my cats as babies!

Holy motherfucking shit ZOMBIE PORN IS REAL!

Remember those crazy funny talks about zombie porn that were had at Crucio?

Well I just came home from the first of two days of a Queer Film festival and I WATCHED GAY ZOMBIE SEX ON SCREEN!! There was even a fucking ORGY... of zombies.

This was too epic not to tell  you, the movie is called Otto; or, Up With Dead People
It has a website apparently


Taking time from my selfimposed hiatus (that I neglected to tell you about but you've probably noticed) to...

wish Gabby a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Birthday thank you post!

First of all thank you brissygirl  for being the first to congratulate me! Went to sleep with a smile that day! And that was some wonderful typing/singing!

Thank you bootsy_mine  for the cupcake and the LJ time! *hugs* Sometimes I don't know what to say, you're too good to me *squishes some more*

Thank you cassie_black12  for the Lovely Balloons and nursedarry  for the bag of money, not only will I get to Oz, I'll be entertained on my way there by  my balloons! *is secretly still as cra<y about balloons as I was when I was 8*

Thank you nicevenn  for the red carpet, Glitterati Glasses and the Poochie pouch! So fucking cute!

Thanks to lotus_lizzy for the trombone(?)!playing bear!

Huey! (phoenixacid ) You gave me Peen, I luuuurvs you.

And a big thank you to my love, lordes for the email and the song! Made me lmao! *hugs* thank you sweetie!

I **think** that's it! Thank you all so much! I'm sure I don't deserve you but I'm greedy so I'm keeping you anyways! :3

For all of you who asked/wished it so, I did have a wonderful day I woke up early and went by work where I for a warm chocolatemuffin covered in ice-cream and caramel sauce with a candle in it and they sang happy birthday! Adorable, love the people i work with! then I celebrated the fact that I am finally old enough to buy at the licour store (20years old in case you were wondering!) by buying some rum and drinks for my underage guests to drink *is evil*.

Karin got here a couple if hours earlier than everyone else since she works about 5 minutes from my house and came straight from work. she distracted me and made me ruin my fairy cakes but it's ok because she's amazing and managed to sorta fix them and we ate gay cakes later. 3 of the party people got lost in the way to my new house (have I mentioned I moved again?) only one made it, the other two gave up after an hour and  half of walking around xD lol. well anyways, later the rest of my lovely friends got here, we ate, we laughed, we ate, drank, ate my cake and my gay cupcakes. After coming to the conclusion that lesbianism isn't contagious but still, ellen should try and rub against the straight people go see what happens, we went back inside and tequila happened, that 7th shot was clearly a bad idea as I realised once I'd threwn up all over some random  guy's sofa at some party we went to. But oh well, **I** had  a blast! xD Poor random guy though, he was nice enough. And that was my day I got lovely presents from my friends that I LOVED.

I promise I shall make a proper Crucio post to gush over the greatness that was that weekend in July! Also, I can't register ATM since I have to pay back a debt this month but I shall be at Diacon '11! I expect to see you there!!

Funny Meme and thank you.

First of all, thank you to phoenixacid  and bootsy_mine  for the puppies and milk&cookies, and the latter for the eco friendly Frank!! Love them!  And a general thank you to you Missy for being the most adorable person ever. *hugs you like mad*

And this meme is hilarious because I do, I like it a lot!

Which Harry Potter Squicky Slash Pairing Are You Doomed To Write?
by circlegame
Number of pairs of shoes you own
PairingSnape/Potion's vial
Why you had to write itYou like that pairing. A lot.